Spigen SGP Hardbook S case for New iPad and iPad 2

Those of you who know me will know that Spigen SGP is one of my favorite case companies. They’ve developed a reputation for making good quality products that rarely disappoint. Today we’ll be looking at the Hardbook S case for the New iPad. The Hardbook S is a folio style case that resembles an book binding. It gives your iPad the look of a fine quality hardcover book. The front flap also works with the smart feature of the iPad to unlock/lock your iPad when you open and close it.

Check out the video below for my full review.

 Pros; Great quality case, good protection
Cons; a bit pricey
You can check out the Hardbook S as well as the rest of Spigen SGP products here;

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  • Meredith

    I really like the way it looks. I’ve always used Smart Covers and love them because of their simplicity. The only thing preventing me from buying the Hardbook case is that I’m worried it’s going to be too bulky or difficult to hold. What do you think?