Video Review – Nokia Lumia 800 from Telus

Nokia has been riding a wave of pretty bland unsuccessful mobile phones the last few years. That has changed with the recent launch of the new Lumia Series of handsets running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Nokia is hoping the Lumia series will help bring them back as a player in the mobile phone game.

Is the Lumia the real deal? Is it worth the hype? Or is it another dud? Today we will check out the Lumia 800, and see for ourselves.



Pros: Excellent build quality, great call quality.

Cons: No front facing camera, 480X800 resolution isn’t as high as others.

Conclusion; Nokia is back, with a great handset. The Lumia 800 is the best phone they have made in years. Windows Phone 7 breathes new life in Nokia’s superb quality handsets. A few features like a front facing camera and higher resolution screen are missing, but I didn’t really miss them. And hopefully Microsoft will address these in the upcoming Windows Phone 8. Great job Nokia, welcome back. We missed you.

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