Review: Create and Manage Audio Clips with Yivosoft Recorder

I like to record small audio reminders and even capture various audio clips from my surroundings. Unfortunately, this functionality is not part of Windows Phone. You just can’t record audio out of the box. You need some sort of third party application.

While the name, Yivosoft Recorder, doesn’t roll off the tongue nicely, the application provides all the functionality you need for a very affordable price of $1.99. However, they have a very generous trial. You get all the features of the app for as long as you want. If you’re happy with the product, then they ask that you buy it. It’s that simple and generous. Pretty nice, right?

MobileJaw-YivosoftRecorder-Advanced Player

Yivosoft Recorder offers your typically recording features, and adds the ability to sync these files over the air to your PC using their desktop server component. They also offer the ability to trim the files and even set them as ringtones on your phone. Other features include pinning audio clips to the start screen, add images to clips, and add reminder alerts.


I really like how Yivosoft goes straight to the recording screen when you launch the app. A quick swipe to the side and you’ll be greeted with a list of your existing recordings. I’m not a big fan of how things are displayed on this page. All the needed information is there: date, time, length, and file size. However, all recordings have the same icon next to them, and if you attach a picture to the file, it adds a little icon under the details. But that icon doesn’t show a thumbnail of the image you added. So all recordings with a picture attached have the same icon. I would rather see the big play icon beside the track details replaced with a thumbnail of the attached picture. At least then you could make sense of what image is attached to the audio clip.

Tap and hold on any of the audio clips and you’ll find a nice menu of options. The Ringtone and Trim option lets you fine tune the clip to just the part that you want. And once you’ve got it just the way you like it, you can set it as your ringtone. The sliders along the bottom allow you to fine tune where your trimmed clip should start and stop. The slider allows you to crop in between the second markers. Basically, you can clip off the first half a second if you want. It’s a pretty good slider for controlling, and the play button lets you quickly hear if you’ve got the right spot or not.


The Advanced Player takes you to a bigger and easier to control screen. You’ve got the typical pause, play, forward, rewind and stop buttons along the bottom. A colorful background, and with large second counter displayed. It would be cool if I could choose the picture I wanted to display in the background here. As well, it would be nice if, when paused, I could tap on the progress bar and adjust the position in the recording. Unfortunately, you need to use the buttons along the bottom. The progress bar is just there for looks.

When it comes to capturing and editing audio files on the phone, the Yivosoft Recorder fills the needs at the right price.




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