Custom Sounds on Windows Phone with Free Ringtones

One of the changes that Microsoft added into Mango was the ability for developers to access Ring tones. It doesn’t seem like much, but it opens the door for applications like the popular Zedge on Android. Since Mango started to hit phones, there has been more than a few applications appearing the market place providing access to ring tones. You can already download your own personal ring tone to your Windows Phone using your desktop and the Zune software – just follow these steps we outlined earlier.

Free Ringtones is one of the applications in the Windows Phone market place offering the ability to download ring tones directly to your phone. I’m always a little cautious of any “free ring tones” web site, and I have to admit that I wasn’t too sure about this app at first. But I decided to download it and see what it had to offer. What I found, was an app that didn’t have that slimy web site feel that so many free ring tone sites have. The app is pretty clean and works surprisingly well.

When you launch the app, the first page you see is Hot Ringtones. By default, this page will show all the most downloaded ring tones. If you tap on the Most Downloaded hot link, you can change this filter to show Featured, Newest, or Top Rated. If that doesn’t help you find some cool new sounds, you can swipe to the right and use the built-in search.

Once you’ve located a sound that you’re interested in, tap the headphone icon to listen to it, or tap the arrow to start the download process. The download will kick off on the same panoramic, so simply swipe right to get back to the Hot Ringtones page.

The only tricky part of this app was the final step. I figured that once downloaded, I was ready to use the new ring tones. That’s not the case. In order to use what you’ve downloaded, you need to swipe to the MyDownload page, and then click the Save icon beside each of the sounds you downloaded. I’m not sure what this step is actually doing, other than making it show up in the list of ring tones in the settings menu. I would prefer the act of downloading would automatically do this last step. Regardless, it’s certainly not a hard or complicated step.

At this point, you’re ready to enjoy the new ring tones. The samples I listened to all sounds pretty good. There was one sound that was a little rough sounding, but I just selected the next result in my search results and it was perfect. There is an ad floating along the bottom, but it didn’t get in my way. If you’re looking for some fresh sounds, give Free Ringtones a try – just like the name indicates, it’s free so you have nothing to lose. :-)

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