Review: TELUS LG Optimus 7 Windows Phone

For the last couple weeks I have had the opportunity to use the LG Optimus 7 from TELUS as my daily phone and enjoyed it quite a bit! But DANG they want it back. The Optimus is a Windows Phone 7 device that sells for $99 on a 3 year contract. My video review is below.

You can see more info on the LG Optimus 7 at TELUS’ site. If you have questions feel free to comment below and we will get to them as quickly as possible.

Thanks very much to TELUS’ PR company, High Road Communications for sending the unit for review!

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  • Dave Evans

    Good review Darren.

    When I held that phone I was immediately impressed with the build quality. To me, the weight spoke more to the quality then it did about the weight. I have a Surround which is probably comparable in weight but because of the slide out speakers it is thicker. The thickness makes much more of an impression then the weight does. In other words….weight and slimness is good. Weight and thickness, not so good.


  • Mumba

    I got one about a week ago, as everyone here says the build quality is superb, and I recently learned that it uses NAND memory which is much faster than removable memory cards.. BTW it’s not much heavier than my iPhone 3GS (157g vs 135g). But once you hold the Optimus it has a great feel to it, even compared to the iPhone (which was the king of the ring -until now!) :)