The Acer Liquid E…. The Saga Continues with GPS, Navigation and Music

My thoughts on some Android/Liquid E capabilities:

GPS and Navigation
The choices of GPS applications for Android aren’t as wide as they are for Windows Mobile. Co-Pilot have a stand-alone app for about 30 bucks. I used it on Windows Mobile and it’s not bad for the money. Rogers have an application under development that should be out fairly soon, so I’m told. Funny enough it’s called Rogers Navigator. Rogers do offer Telnav for $10.00 a month. If I’m not mistaken this is an app developed by Nokia which Rogers is offering until they get their own in place.

I’ve been using Google Navigator, their latest version with voice commands. The standard Google Maps comes installed on the Liquid E. Just go to the apps store and download the latest version and you are good to go. The graphics are pretty cool with 3D views while you are on the move. When you get to your destination it goes to a snapshot of street view. It’s a free app, so it’s not very feature rich. Like I said, it’s free but you are using data to continually download maps.

The Liquid E seems to lock on to satellites without much issue. I have found that on a couple of occasions my location is off by a good 50 meters or more, running parallel to my road till I make a turn onto a perpendicular road and meet up with myself. I’m sure glad that doesn’t happen often.

If anyone has been wondering why they have underclocked the Snapdragon processor to 768MHz, I know the reason why. Well actually two reasons…..the 1350mAh battery sucks. I’m not even using the Liquid E as my primary device and I’m not getting through the day. Not good. Secondly, while using GPS or anything processor hungry it gets pretty warm. I can’t imagine what it would be like buzzing along in high gear.

The other secondary issue I have come across is volume. Right from the top I have to tell you that my hearing is not that great. Remember when mom used to say “Turn that music down or you’ll go deaf”. Well it turns out she was right. I think the problem I’m having hearing GPS commands may partly be the fault of the app, because I can hear things on YouTube easily. Oh, and I’m pretty certain the women giving the commands is Steven Hawking’s sister.

I can’t hear the phone ring either. I haven’t imported any ringtones, so I’m willing to bet I can overcome that issue with a louder ringtone.

I’m just going to take a quick look at music for now. I’ll likely come back to it again when I’ve finished fumbling around and found my way.

Rogers have service called URmusic. It is very simple to use. Hitting the link takes you right to the URmusic site where you can download music directly for a fee of $1.29 per song or albums for $9.99 and next month the fee shows up on you bill. I haven’t done this yet but I’m assuming I can copy any DRM free MP3s to the storage card. If anyone has any more real use info in this area please feel free to post it.

Next up I think I will probably cover some of the overall operational aspects of the device and Android itself. Wish me luck!

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    I think rogers locked out updating google maps to keep you from navigator. At least mine won’ to update.

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    I and my wife both really like this phone and will purchase it because we are really fed up with our nokia phone. I know there are some drawback but its ok and interestingly not very costly.