Twikini – Taking a Look at a New Twitter Client

Do you tweet? Are you looking to tweet from your Windows Mobile device? You can always go direct and use Twitters mobile site –, but today’s crop of applications offer a lot more than the basic web experience that Twitter offers. Over the next couple days I’m going to take an look at a couple of the major players for Windows Mobile. Today we’re going to take a look at Twikini from Trinket Software.


Twikini splashed down on Windows Mobile users around the middle of April. Twikini is currently in beta and is a free download. It has a super small footprint of around 100KB and it has to be one of the fastest Twitter clients available for Windows Mobile. The navigation is simple, pressing left of right on a message will automatically create a reply or direct message to that person. This feature gives Twikini the shortest number of key press’s or taps to reply to a tweet. And, of course, up and down will scroll through messages.


Light weight and easy to use are only part of what makes a great Twitter client. Twikini also supports updating your location using your devices GPS (although this doesn’t seem to be working with my BlackJack II :( ), a favourites and replies view, and a “Tweet this song” feature that will automatically tweet the song and artist that is currently being played from Windows Media Player on your device.


While Twikini is a great piece of software, it’s missing some key features before I can make it my default Twitter client. Fixing GPS on the BlackJack would be a good start, but more importantly, Twikini needs to address the following items:

  • Support for Skweezer – Skweezer makes TwitPic work on Windows Mobile Standard devices. Otherwise there’s no way to see that picture. Plus it’s an all around good idea since links being sent around are not always mobile friendly.
  • Remember your location in the timeline – When Twikini updates, it automatically scrolls to the top of the list and highlights the most recent tweet. It should stay focused on the tweet you had highlighted before updating.
  • Send Direct Messages – This feature is coming soon, according to the Trinket website.
  • Display the full tweet – Long tweets get truncated. You have to tap on or press the action button with the tweet selected to open a detailed view of the tweet just so you can read the last couple words. In cases like this, Twikini should automatically grow the window allowing you to view the whole message.
  • Multiple Account Support – Ok, Twikini supports multiple accounts just as long as you don’t want to be logged into both at the same time. Twikini really needs the ability to have multiple accounts open and merged into one timeline.

It’s already got the speed and size nailed down and with these 5 features along with the fix for GPS on the BlackJack II, it would make Twikini the Twitter client to beat. Keep your eye’s on this hot up-and-comer. :)

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    Twikini – Taking a Look at a New Twitter Client: Do you tweet? Are you looking to tweet from your Windows Mobile..

  • Darren Humphries

    @ProfJulie Here is @MikeTemporale’s review of Twikini Pretty sure Pocketwit works fine as well. I hardly use stylus.

  • Mike Temporale

    Twikini has just released version 1.0 of this app, and I thought it would be good to cover off what’s changed from the issues listed above.

    Support for Skweezer – Nope, still not there.

    Remember your Location in Timeline – Nope, still not there.

    Send Direct Messages – Yes!

    Display the Full Tweet – Nope, still not there.

    Multiple Account Support – Improved. Twikini will now keep your account details so you can quickly switch between accounts. But it won’t merge 2 time lines together.

    It’s a solid application, but it STILL lacks the functionality required to make this my everyday Twitter app. Especially since it’s no longer a free application.

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    Twikini hits V1.0 – Is it worth your time and money? Here’s our thoughts

  • MobileJaw

    Twikini hits V1.0 – Is it worth your time and money? Here's our thoughts


    Blackberry 2 users, check out Twikini,