Smaller & Better Travel Versions – Not Always

A while ago I received a travel charger for my Samsung BlackJack II. This charger is sold, or at least it’s my understanding that it’s available from AT&T stores as a replacement for the standard charger that comes in the box. I already had a charger, so I didn’t really pay too much attention to it. That is, until the other day when I thought it would be a smart idea to leave one charger at work and one at home. Then I wouldn’t have to carry a cable around with me and I could be sure that the 2 most common places that I am usually at, has a charger for my device.

The above is a picture of the two charger cables. The one on the right is the standard cable that comes with the BlackJack II. The cable on the left is the “travel” charger that is available as an accessory from AT&T. Do you notice anything special about these two units? The biggest difference is the size. The travel charger is actually larger than the standard charge cable. I would have expected that the travel version is smaller and easier to pack into baggage. But this cable is actually bigger and thicker!

I snapped these pictures to show the size comparison between the two. You can clearly see that the standard charger is not nearly as wide or as deep as the travel version. With the exception of losing the original charger or requiring a second one for some reason, why would anyone purchase this accessory? It doesn’t add any travel value, in my opinion anyway. The only thing it has that adds any value over the original is the fold down prongs. Given the larger footprint, I can still pack the original cable and save space over the travel charger – regardless of the prongs being folded down or not.

It’s an nice design and the folding prongs is a cool feature, but I just don’t see this as being a worth-while purchase for travelling. Especially when the original is still smaller all around. Save your money and if you really need a spare, I would invest in a USB outlet adapter instead. Then you can charge more than just your phone. :)

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    I think i figured out why the replacement is bigger – it has that crappy “made in china” phrase on it. It’s probably bigger so they could stuff it full of lead. ;)