National Geographic Goes on Assignment with the Nokia Lumia 1020

National Geographic, in partnership with Nokia, sent their photographer Stephen Alvarez, on a ten day assignment to capture the American West with a Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. The results of this, along with Stephen’s day-by-day diary and favorite photos, are posted on the National Geographic web site for you to explore. Head over and check out the pictures and the story and let us know your thoughts.



I’m not an expert photographer, by any means. I’ve snapped thousands of pictures with my DSLR, P&S, and various camera phones over the years, and occasionally I’ll stumble upon an amazing picture. If you shot enough pucks at the net, eventually one will go in. Certainly, my DLSR has been the go to camera for those fast motion pictures, for the close ups, and for the extreme zoom. Over the last few years, I find that I’m using it less and less as my smartphone becomes better and better. So I find this National Geographic assignment is very interesting. I’ve already picked up the Lumia 1020, and from my initial few pictures, it’s clear to me that the old DSLR’s days are numbered. All I need is someone to make a case that allows me to connect my Nikon lens to this camera so I can still use that awesome zoom.

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