Nokia Lumia 520 is Now Available in Canada

Nokia has announced the availability of their new Lumia 520 Smartphone. The is an affordable device and will be available on 3 carriers in Canada. You can pick it up from Rogers today, Koodo starting on May 9th, and Telus starting on May 17th. What makes the 520 special? Well, it offers a 5 mega-pixel camera, a 1GHz Dual core SnapDragon processor, 8GB of internal storage, MicroSD slot for expandable memory up to 64GB of storage, a 4 inch screen that works even if you’re wearing gloves, access to all the amazing and exclusive Nokia applications, and it can be yours for $150 or less if you want to sign a contract. All that, and it’s powered by Windows Phone 8 – so you get kids corner, and all the other awesome new features in WP8. Impressed yet?

NOKIA CANADA - The Nokia Lumia 520 now available in Canada

Check out the full press release over here. Or simply head down to your local Rogers, Koodo, or Telus store to see what it’s like for real. The device will only ship with a black back cover, but you can pick up red, yellow, or white available from any retail location. Powerful, affordable, and pocketable. A great combination. :)

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