IllumiRoom – Can Microsoft Change the World of Gaming, Again?

The next great thing from Microsoft Research will change your world. Kinect changed the world of gaming, and has now gone beyond the console to impact other markets. The latest creation from Microsoft Research will start by changing the world of gaming, but it will quickly change a lot more than that. IllumiRoom takes a massive step towards immersion into your Xbox games. It transforms your room to be a much bigger part of the game you are playing.


By using a Kinect sensor and a projector sitting on a coffee table and aimed at your TV, IllumiRoom can extend what you see on the screen to bring the game to life. The rumors are swirling that IllumiRoom will be included in the next generation of the Xbox console, due to be announced later this month. Watch the video and share your thoughts with us – Will IllumiRoom change the world?″

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