Microsoft Demo’s Powerful Improvements to the Bing Speech Engine

In the past I’ve talked about the awesome speech engine in Windows Phone. Not only does it read out your text messages, but it even allows you to create or reply to text messages without touching your phone. Beyond that, you can also use speech on various apps and on search. I use this feature every single day, and it’s a big part of what I like about the platform.


Recently, Microsoft showed off some enhancements that they’ve been working on. First, they reduced the latency in processing speech, which I always found to be fast anyway but who doesn’t like faster. Second, they showed a decrease in the word error rate. And finally, they showed off some much improved accuracy of speech recognition in noisy environments. This last one is pretty impressive, and something I’ve been burned on more than a couple times. So I’m looking forward to seeing this in action. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of when we will see this feature on our devices. Hopefully it’s a backend change, so there’s no need for updates to be pushed to the phone, which would mean a faster rollout for everyone. Fingers crossed! Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.

(Source = MSFTKitchen)

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    Very impressive improvements.