Microsoft Demos Universal Translator that Speaks in Your Own Voice

What was once a dream in many sci-fi movies, could soon be reality. Microsoft has developed a universal translator that can convert English speech into Chinese, Italian, and Spanish in real-time. If that wasn’t amazing enough, they’ve actually managed to do it while preserving the speakers own voice. The technology to make this happen is based on joint research between Microsoft and the University of Toronto.

Microsoft has talked about this project before, but a recent demo showed very impressive accuracy in the conversion. The current error rate is around 1 word in every 7 or 8. Certainly you can expect that error rate to drop as research progresses.

Check out the YouTube video to hear the system in action. There’s no word on when this technology might be ready for consumers, but you have to admit – it would be pretty amazing to have this power on your Windows Phone or Surface!

(Source = Slashgear)

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