Nokia Lumia 920 Available Starting Today on Rogers

Rogers is now the first carrier to launch the amazing Nokia Lumia 920 powered by Windows Phone 8. Available starting today for $99 on a 3 year contract or $549 if purchased outright,  the Lumia 920 is the premier Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia and is packed with some pretty amazing features. Besides the obvious Windows Phone 8,  you will also find a slew of Nokia software additions including Nokia Music,  Drive,  City Lens,  to name just a few. The 920 is also the world’s first smartphone camera with optical image stabilization. Nokia has also included wireless charging,  a touch screen that works with gloves on,  and LTE for super fast data speeds.


I had a chance to play around with the Lumia 920 last night and was incredibly impressed with how well the camera performed in low light. It produced great images with the most natural colors and tones. My use of smartphone cameras has really increased over the last couple years as the technology has improved,  but this is the first camera that makes me feel like I can leave my point and shoot at home and trust that I can capture the moment using just my phone. The wireless charging is more of a slow trickle charge and not something you would turn to if your phone was almost empty and you only had 30 minutes to charge it. But it would work great beside the bed,  or on your desk at work. Places where you would normally set your phone down,  now you can do that and know that it will automatically start charging.

Currently Rogers is only offering it in black. They did acknowledge the demand for colors and have been talking with Nokia about that. They wouldn’t comment on if or when we might see more color choice. But the do understand that Windows Phone 8 is about personalizing the phone and that color is a big part of that. I know that I would have bought one today if I could have got it in yellow, blue,  or maybe even red.

The Lumia 920 is available starting today. Check for it at your local Rogers store or online.

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