Microsoft Launches Windows 8 with a Splash in New York

Microsoft took to the stage today in New York to announce the availability of their latest operating system – Windows 8. The launch event featured a product demo showing a lot of the features that many of us have already come to know, as well as showing off a variety of hardware running Windows 8. The press on hand at the event got excited at a few key parts of the presentation. First, when Lenovo’s Yoga convertible tablet was displayed, when the Microsoft Surface was shown, and finally when a HTC Windows Phone 8X and a Nokia Lumia 920 where briefly held up on stage.

Windows 8 Launch

Windows 8 is a bold step forward for Microsoft as it brings a touch friendly interface to what has traditionally been a mouse and keyboard OS. With 1.24 billion hours of pre-release testing, Windows 8 is also the most tested software ever released. Improved battery savings, reduced boot time, reduced footprint, and compatibility with existing Windows 7 applications are just some of the highlights that you can expect with Windows 8.

Pre-orders for Surface and Windows 8 started almost 2 weeks ago however, many stores are opening at midnight for shoppers to get their copy of the OS, and the Microsoft Store in NYC opened at 10pm to allow people to start purchasing their Surface RT and Windows 8. Early reports are indicating that people are coming out in droves. The next few weeks and months will be key for Microsoft and it’s new OS.

Have you got 8?

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