Microsoft Opens Windows Phone Summit Registration… Sort Of

Back in May, Microsoft announced The Windows Phone Developer Summit for June. Originally scheduled as a multi-day event, the summit has now been reduced to a single day – June 20th.

Some other notable changes around the event include -

  • The event name has dropped the “Developer” reference.  This could be due in part to initial invitations including individuals from other professional areas (notably, journalists). This could also relate to the scope of the summit, as noted in the invitation;
  • The byline for the event now says “A sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone”. The future of Windows Phone was, of course, expected to be the major focus of this event. Adding the words “A sneak peek”, however, cannot help but make developers eager to know the Microsoft direction for Windows Phone a bit uneasy. With all indicators so far pointing to a later-year release of the next version of Windows Phone, giving the developer community a “sneak peek” in late June isn’t going to allow for a great deal of time to prepare for what may be major changes on the horizon.
  • The “Open Registration” for the event is open only to invited guests. Previously, Microsoft had alluded to registration being open at a later date. The reality now is that registration is invitation-only. This could have had disastrous backlash with the developer community at-large, if not for the fact that…
  • The event will be broadcast live via Microsoft’s Channel 9.According to a post on Mary-Jo Foley’s “All About Microsoft” blog, Microsoft plans to broadcast the summit live. Back in May, I made a plea to Microsoft on my personal blog to do this, although at that time I was more concerned about those not being able to attend the event due to the high number of technical events scheduled well before this one. Regardless, I am pleased to see that Microsoft will present the event to as broad an audience as possible for maximum impact.

The actual details/agenda for the Windows Phone Summit have yet to be announced, but I can think of a few every important messages and details that should be presented if Microsoft wants to appease its existing developer base, as well as to attract new developers. Stay tuned – I’ll be posting my thoughts on this shortly.

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  • Mike Temporale

    Huh… sounds more like a media event than a developer event. Perhaps they had planned for the first day to be media related – announcing Windows Phone 8 type thing. Followed by the second day for developers, and then decided to move the developer part to a later date. My guess would be to another developer focused event. 

    Isn’t the developer conference coming up soon anyway? 

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