Aviary Brings Photo Editing SDK to Windows Phone

While one of the most common uses of mobile phones today is photo-taking, most applications that leverage a camera typically work from a “take-it-and-send-it” perspective. For those of us who are “photographically-challenged”, be it due to insufficient or poor photography skills (count me into the latter category), adding photo editing into an application workflow would be a highly-desired feature.

For Windows Phone developers, coding for photo editing functionality has been left to the strongest of heart (and skill) – that is, until now. Aviary, who have been focused on media creativity tools for quite some time, have brought their Photo Editing SDK to the Windows Phone platform.

Previously made available to iOS and Android developers, the Aviary SDK provdes a tremendous number of features that can be added into your mobile application. The SDK is also very straight-forward to implement in your projects, and documentation is provided.

You can check out all of the capabilities of the Aviary SDK by visiting the Aviary website. Signing up and downloading the tools is also a fast process, so you should be able to be on your way to adding photo editing functionality into your applications right away. I’m already thinking of what I could do with these capabilities; all of them revolve around making my pictures look better than they do when I take them… ;-)

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