Homebrew: Create More Powerful Apps with WP7 Root Tools

Heathcliff74 is well known among the homebrew community for his many contributions. This time, he has released WP7 Root Tools and an SDK to allow developers to create more powerful homebrew applications. Please keep in mind, these apps will not be found in the Marketplace on the device. If you don’t consider yourself a techie, then this tool and the apps that will be created using it, are not something you should mess around with.


Microsoft has taken great care in creating a safe environment for users with Windows Phone 7. Apps have a given space to run in, and can access certain things outside that space, and use certain shared resources. Any application that needs “root” access is basically asking for full, unrestricted access to everything and anything on the device. Heathcliff74 says he has taken precautions to limit what is possible with WP7 Root Tools, but apps are still getting more access than Microsoft had in mind, and with that, you should be careful.

With that said, this is a great tool for developers that are looking to do more, and companies that want to create a line of business app that requires more than Microsoft currently allows. In the short time that it’s been available, it’s already logged over 6000 downloads! Pretty impressive, and that also serves as notice to Microsoft that developers are desperate for more power and access within their apps. You can read the blog post announcing it here, and download your copy from here.

If anyone gives it a run, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts below.

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    WP developers are a little rare in my  country. Though it is interesting to know that MS has left the innovation enhancement to the developers, I wish there is someone out there who can do justice to the WP applications.