AT&T CEO Shows Off Nokia Lumia 900 as his Device of Choice

A couple days ago, CNBC asked Ralph de la Vega the CEO of AT&T, while he was live on the air, if he has seen the new iPhone 5. Of course, at this point Apple and their partners are saying nothing about the next release of the iPhone. If Ralph was to say yes, then he would be confirming that Apple is working on the next release and that it’s far enough along that it has been shared with AT&T. If he says no, then the public may take that to mean AT&T isn’t going to carry the next iPhone, or that perhaps there is no v5. Either way, he gets himself into hot water with AT&T.


What’s a CEO to do? Well, Ralph held up the Nokia Lumia 900 – in white, and proceeded to tell everyone that this is the phone he carries on a daily basis. Given that the Lumia 900 is already selling out at AT&T stores across the US, it’s a smart move for Ralph to plug his current and hot selling Lumia 900. Add to it that the Lumia is already the highest rated Smartphone on Amazon, and Verizon’s CEO has said they will be aggressively supporting Windows Phone, it seems that carriers and the public may be starting to notice what Microsoft has to offer in the mobile space.

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    Nokia Lumia seems to illuminate Nokia in the smartphone market. The AT&T leader has covered up the Apple tale very intelligently and yes MS has been crawling up higher! Thanks for the quick updates and the detailed news.