Microsoft Patent Expands Upon the Asus Transformer Concept

Now here’s a cool concept – Microsoft has a new patent (filed back in June of 2010) that may change the way you think a dock should work. Asus has been relatively successful selling their Transformer and Transformer Prime Android tablets. If you’re not familiar with this product, it’s basically a tablet that has a keyboard dock that can hinge closed in much the same way as a laptop would. Microsoft’s new patent takes that idea a step further. Instead of having a dumb keyboard dock, their patent outlines a smart dock with a processor in the base and a second processor in the display. Presumably the display processor would be a less powerful processor compared to the one in the dock.


The result would be a powerful desktop/laptop experience when docked, but as soon as you remove the screen, it would be a lighter and more power friendly processor. This idea makes a lot of sense to me. Right now, I’m carrying too many devices – a tablet for quick mobile tasks, a laptop for the more involved mobile needs, a smartphone (or two) for the staying connected needs. Ideally, this concept would mean I could have 1 device that could scale up or down depending on my needs. That would be amazing!

I’ve got my eye and my money set on a new Lenovo Yoga when Windows 8 hits the street. However, stuff like this makes me wonder if I would be better off waiting a little longer to see what the OEM’s come up with. :)

(Source = Slashgear)

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    Eye catching! The Lenovo Yoga laptop with a keyboard that folds over completely to transform it into a tablet! Sounds exciting to me. The feature of tracking all the 10 fingers also amuses me. However, OEMs reactions are a worth to watch and wait!