Helpful Tips and Tricks for Taking Better Pictures with your Windows Phone

We’ve all attempted to capture those special moments with our smartphones camera. Most of the time, you end up with a disappointing picture. It’s better than nothing, but still not as good as what you’re average Point & Shoot camera is capable of doing. Sure, every now and then you may knock off an excellent picture, but for the most part, we are trading the quality for the easy of capture and comfort of carrying just one device.

Well, maybe the problem isn’t the camera’s fault. What if there was some simple pointers that would help you get the most out of those mobile pictures? I came across a very helpful post on All About Windows Phone, where Steve Litchfield shares 12 steps to better pictures with your Windows Phone. Truth be told, the majority of the tips he provides are not just for Windows Phone users. They are actually a very helpful list of suggestions that you should be thinking about when shooting pictures with the camera on any smartphone.

Take a few minutes and give Steve’s article a good reading, and be sure to bookmark it, so you can re-read it again in a couple months. Now, let’s get out there and start taking some awesome pictures with our phones!

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    Yes memories locked up in smartphone is more prevalent than in a traditional camera. The link presented by you is really helpful for WP users and others too. Thanks for giving us an insight to taking pictures with mobile device!