Homebrew: Custom Themes for your Windows Phone

Have a Windows Phone? Sick of the preloaded themes? No worries, there’s a new app available for the homebrew crowd. If you have a developer unlocked phone, then you can use this new app to build and customize the theme on your Windows Phone.

Using the “Themes for WP7” tool, you can define custom icons for tiles, including defining the color or background image to be displayed on the tiles. The desktop tool allows you to change the look of any of the standard application icons, plus any marketplace app and any homebrew app. You can even save and share your themes with others. Right now, there is no central repository for themes, but hopefully the developers will create a simple way to upload/post your theme, and others can quickly download and install into the system.

There are a few pre-loaded themes for you to play with, but I’m looking forward to what the community creates. I know there’s a number of really talented designers out there. :)

In order to use Themes for WP7, you will need a developer unlocked phone – if you don’t know what that is, or if your phone is unlocked, then you’ll need to read this article. Aside from that, your device has to be running Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) and you will need a PC to run the theme tool on. There’s a good little video on WindowsPhoneHacker that shows how to use the app. If you’re going to play with this, it’s a good place to start.

(Source = CoolSmartphone)

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