Unlock Your Windows Phone with ChevronWP7 Unlocker

The gang at ChevronWP7 has released their unlock tool for Windows Phone 7 devices. This hit the internet late last week and after a few speed bumps it looks like they’ve got things running smoothly. Currently, they are working on processing the backorders and hope to be accepting payments for new requests again soon. You can stay up to date by following their blog here.

Why would you want to unlock your device? Easy, to install applications that are not in the marketplace. There’s a homebrew thing going on out there with some pretty cool apps – like Screen Capture, a Web Server, a Battery Live Tile, and even folders for your application list. It’s rather unfortunate that Microsoft doesn’t see the value in allowing users to do screen captures natively on the device. People really like to show off their customizations – how are users going to share and compare their live tile layout without the ability to do screen captures and post them on Facebook?

Thanks to ChevronWP7, there’s a solution for that now. :) If you’ve been waiting to unlock your device and start your loading apps without using the market, the time has come! Hopefully the pool of applications will continue to grow. Maybe we’ll even see a non-Microsoft powered store for unlocked devices.


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