Sling Player is Now Available for Android Based Tablets

Sling Media has announced that the Sling Player software is now available for Android based tablets. If you’ve already forked over your hard earned cash for the current Android version, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ll have to pay again for the tablet version. Which, if the price was $3 or maybe $5 wouldn’t be a big deal. Unfortunately, Sling is still charging $30 for the mobile client. I’ve already bought this for Windows Mobile, and Android. I refuse to pay again for Windows Phone, and you can be sure that I won’t be paying for the Android tablet version either.


Back when Sling first released their mobile client, they justified the cost as the main player was Windows based, and very few customers were using the mobile player, so Sling need to supplement the cost of development. Let’s be fair here – the player only works if you have a SlingBox and those aren’t cheap. As the mobile space exploded and more and more customers are using Sling Player on their mobile, the price never disappeared, and it has never gone down. At this point, Sling must be pulling in a pretty penny of the license of their mobile player.

Well, I’m done with it. I would happily pay once for any mobile device platform, but having to buy it for each platform and each form-factor says to me  that Sling has very little respect for their customers.

If you’ve got money to burn, check out the Android market to purchase and download your copy today. Oh, and if you’ve paid for the regular Android version, it will still work on your tablet, you just won’t get the higher resolution to actually enjoy it on the tablet. So your $30 is really just buying support for extra resolution. There’s no new features in the tablet version from what I can see.

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  • Suresh Babu

    The Sling should get on with the player now and definitely calm down on the price it is on. The customers should be considered on the evolving technology. Platform independence is the right word for any technology to flourish. Not draining the mobile users off their money. Of-course we don’t want to burn our money, do we?