Windows Phone Team Looks at Conversation View and Unified Inbox in Mango on YouTube

Microsoft has posted a couple video’s on YouTube that focus on the new features in Mango and how they work. The first two video’s that I want to bring to your attention are in regards to email. For those that may not be aware, Microsoft has added a conversation view in the Windows Phone Mango release. This feature groups all your emails in a given conversation together for easier reading. This feature has made a huge difference in how I read and manage email on the go. It’s so much easier to catch up on email when you can zip through the whole conversation without having to bounce in and out of messages up and down the inbox. The second video talks about inbox linking – this provides the ability for multiple inboxes to be merged together into one view. While this isn’t something I’m interested in, I know a lot of people like the idea of a unified inbox, so I thought it would be worth while to add it here. The video’s are clearly a little ‘staged’, but they still offer good value in seeing the feature and understanding how it works.


The current rumor is that Windows Phone Mango will be officially released on September 1st with updates to existing devices coming some time after that as carriers and partners finish their testing and release the update. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Mango, these video’s are a great place to start and learn about what you can expect on your Windows Phone in the not too distant future. :-)

Conversation View:


Unified Inbox:

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