Android Market Share Explodes as RIM, Nokia, and Microsoft Stumble

According to a Canalys report issued on August 1st, Android market share has exploded over the last year, and now is the leading mobile platform in 35 out of the 56 countries that Canalys tracks. Mobile shipments now exceed 107.7 million units, a growth of 73% over last year. The total number of Android based devices that shipped is up to 51.9 million units which equates to a 379% growth over a year ago. Samsung was the single largest Android device manufacturer with 17 million devices (not counting the Nexus S and SideKick brands that are made by Samsung for other companies). The remaining 34 million Android units were produced by HTC, Motorola, LG, Asus, etc. All of this is great news for Google as they continue to push Android forward and now stand with almost 50% of the world-wide mobile market.

Apple shipped 20.3 million iPhones becoming the largest mobile hardware manufacturer and holding a market share of 19%. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform launched last October has sold 1.5 millions units and sits with about 1% of the market. Microsoft is clearly hoping that the Mango update combined with Nokia devices can start to change those numbers for the better. RIMs market share slipped to 12% from 33% just a year ago. The majority of that collapse is focused on North American, as their global shipment numbers indicate a growth of 11%.

Android and Apple are currently the clear winners in the mobile space, and I’m certain that RIM, Nokia, and Microsoft aren’t going to sit idly by and watch their market share dry up. RIM needs to ship OS7 and present a clear new direction in order to win over the new mobile customer. Nokia needs to get something out on the carriers shelves that people want to buy – and hopefully soon. Microsoft needs to step up the pace and crank out the updates to Windows Phone while turning up the marketing to help gain awareness for the platform – Windows Phone continues to receive rave reviews from the media. With new hardware and refreshed marketing budget, perhaps they can pull up from the bottom hangout among the leaders once again. You can read the full announcement from Canalys in the newsroom on their website.

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  • Suresh Babu

    Android leading iphone in this year and with the progress of 73% when compared just a year ago is indeed a surprising. Iphone was best in this field and it was because it manufactured hardware for itself unlike android. However, with the evergreen Samsung’s Android devices are much appreciated and have all the colors to it to stand tall with iphone devices. I think it was a very interesting outcome from this survey.