The Ultimate Phone Charger – Your Shirt

Tired of your phone running out of charge before the day is over? Do you hate having to carry extra batteries and bulky adapters so you can stop and charge your device just to make it through a day of use? You’re not alone – and thanks to Orange, there is some new technology in t-shirt’s that will change the way you look at charging your phone.

The Orange Sound Charge T-Shirt turns the noise around you into power and stores it in a rechargable battery. Then when you’re smartphone is running low on power, simply plug it into your shirt and watch it charge up! That’s one cool t-shirt!

There is no mention of availability or pricing. It appears to be a promotional thing that Orange will be using at an upcoming event. Hopefully, at some point after that, this shirt will be made available for purchase. I’ll be looking to get one – it could be the perfect addition to lighten up CES bag!

Check out this YouTube video for more details and to see the shirt in action.


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