Sony Announces Vita – a New PlayStation Portable

Yesterday at E3, Sony announced a follow up device to their PlayStation Portable. The new device, called “Vita” sports a 5 inch multi-touch screen (940×544 resolution), a rear multi-touch pad, front and rear cameras, GPS, Accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G for the AT&T network. There’s no mention of cellular connectivity, so this appears to just be a mobile data connection.

If you’re a hardcore gaming type – the kind of person that has the previous PSP, then I’m sure this device is going to appeal to you, no question. What I don’t understand is why Sony would release this so quickly after the only certified PlayStation phone was released? I realize one is a phone with gaming, and the other is just gaming. But a certain portion of the audience would overlap, and I would bet that overlap is fairly large.


Another question that I just can’t seem to understand is why Sony (including Sony Ericsson) wouldn’t just release one device that does it all? As it stands now, there are 3 different variations on the latest Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphone – the Pro (with keyboard), the Arc (without keyboard), and the Play (with gaming controller). And now there’s the PSP Vita. So why not just create one device – like the Arc. A simple unit with lots of power and a large screen and that’s all. Then create a snap-on accessory for the keyboard, and game controller. This gives them one platform to support for software updates, plus it creates the ability for people to add to their device. Perhaps I would like to have a full QWERTY during the day for email triage, but once the day ends I like to unwind with some great gaming action on the train ride home. It also creates a good story for other accessories like cases and carry bags.

You can check out all the details and specs on this device over at the PlayStation website.

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