Malware Problems Return to Android Market

Things have taken a not-so-rosey turn for Android this week. The popular mobile platform from Google is powering a growing number of mobile devices. As Microsoft found at many years ago, along with that success comes virus and malware.

The latest to hit Android is a malware app called DroidDreamLight and it’s just as bad as it’s predecessor, DroidDream was. This app has already infected 24 different apps in the market. Lookout Mobile, the security firm that detected the new variant, is estimating that something 30,000 to 120,000 customers may already be infected.


This malware app will harvest users data and download malicious code from remote servers. It’s best to keep an eye on your sent text messages and watch closely for any suspicious data usage. Of course, the best solution is to pay close attention to the permissions an application is asking for when you download it from the market.

And if malware in the market isn’t enough, how about software that allows you to easily hack Facebook, Twitter, and other social network sites with nothing more than a tap on your mobile device.

It’s too bad Google has let these kinds of apps into the Market. They need to do more to help protect users data from these types of apps. As it stands now, I’m having a hard time recommending Android to anyone other than the uber-geek.

Check out the Lookout Mobile site for a list of applications infected by DroidDreamLight and what you need to do to clean your device.

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