Is Google Not Sharing YouTube Access with Windows Phone?

Here’s an interesting piece of news that I came across today. Microsoft is getting involved with the European Union’s antitrust investigate regarding Google. The claim from Microsoft is that Google is not sharing information with the Windows Phone team so they can build a more feature rich YouTube client for the Windows Phone platform. When compared to Android and iOS based devices, the Windows Phone client is no where near what it should be, and Microsoft is saying this is a direct result of Google not providing them with the information required.


Microsoft has been around the block a couple times in this area. They have a pretty good idea of what would be considered antitrust and what would not. A lot of people like to think of Google in that “Do no evil” mantra from many years ago. But that’s not the Google of today in my opinion. It may take years, but it will be interesting to see the outcome of this and if it does turn out to be another turning point in tech history.

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