AlliOSNews Goes In-Depth on MLB at Bat 2011 for iPad

“The main display of the Game Day screen will be the batter and the live game action in a display box opposite of the batter.  Here you will see the pitches thrown along with the type of pitch it was (slider, fastball, curve, etc) and the velocity of that pitch.   Below that you will see the why that inning has unfolded including the outs, runs and pitching changes that have happened that inning.  You can of course change this to view the box score, a game summary and a view of the field where the game is being played.  Just behind the batter you will see the diamond with the picture of any player who is on base.  You can tap that player and see their “baseball card” along with their season and game stats.”


Perhaps it’s the spring-like weather talking, but… Baseball season is off to a rocking start this year! If you’re a baseball fan and you’re powered by an iPhone or iPad, you’ll want to check out Clinton’s review of MLB 2011. Clinton makes sure to cover all all aspects of the app making sure you know what you’re getting for your $14.99.  Check it out, but don’t blame me if you’re team doesn’t make it to the World Series. ;-)

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