Microsoft Breaks its Silence Around Windows Phone Updates

After weeks of Windows Phone users wondering what’s going on with the pre-update, Microsoft has finally broken their silence and shared a little information about the process on the Windows blog. While they didn’t talk about the problems that have caused the delay of the pre-update, they did confirm that they have pushed back the NoDo update to incorporate things that they learned from the pre-update. Eric Hautala, the General Manager for Customer Experience Engineering, talked about the challenges they face in delivering these updates. He also commented that they have “surprises in store” and that they are listening and working to improve the process.


But there was no mention of why so many people still have not seen the pre-update. The only hint to this was that some carriers may choose to bundle multiple updates together into one release. Does that mean I should stop checking for updates on my Samsung Focus? Or does that mean that the rolling schedule still hasn’t hit the AT&T Samsung Focus?

Does this change my post from earlier today that questions if Microsoft has what it takes to compete in todays mobile universe? Not at all. It’s great that they have finally decided to talk and share with the public what is going on behind the scenes. That’s a significant improvement. However, there is still a large question around Microsoft’s ability to execute in a timely fashion. Consumers what to see action tied to the talk. Apple managed to announce the next release and the release it within one weeks time. Microsoft announced that the pre-update was available and over 2 weeks later very few people have actually seen the update on their phone. I get that Apple has less to test since it’s one hardware platform and one manufacturer, but we’re talking release announcements here. All the testing was done prior to Microsoft announcing the pre-update on February 21st.

Anyway, give it a read and share with me your thoughts. I think it’s great that they are finally speaking – even if it’s a little late in the game. The question becomes, can then continue to be open and share the details? Can they, not just talk about it, but actually do it in a reasonable timeframe? All eye’s are watching. It might not be fair, but Microsoft is the underdog and they need to kick it into gear and show the mobile world that they are serious.

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