Over 2 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices Sold Since Launch

It seems like yesterday when Microsoft announced sales of Windows Phone 7 devices have surpassed the 1.5 million mark – In fact, that was at the end of December. Now, Microsoft is reporting that they have topped the 2 million mark and that things are going strong. While things are still in the early stages, people seem to be taking to the fresh new OS. Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone, said “when people use this phone, they really, really like it”. And backed that up with a 93% satisfaction rate form early customers on their experience with Windows Phone 7.


To clarify the numbers, it needs to be pointed out that the 2 million is the number of devices shipped from the manufacturer to the carriers. They may or may not have been sold to customers. This is also not an indication of the number of licenses sold – as Microsoft may sell 5 million licenses to a manufacture but they have only shipped a fraction of that at this point in time.

Helping to push the platform forward, Microsoft’s Marketplace now has well over 7,000 apps available, and the quality and selection of applications is improving with every day that passes. I’m in the marketplace on a daily basis looking for the next cool app to play with. :)

(Source = Slashgear)

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