Confused About Windows Phone 7 Features, Check the Availability Matrix

Windows Phone 7 launched last October/November in many countries around the world, but it’s not the same Windows Phone 7 in each country. Yes, the base OS is identical, but the services that back up those features are not available in some countries. To be a little more honest, those features are flat out missing in a lot of the countries except the United States. Microsoft has made a mess of this since there’s no clear indication of what features are available in your country, until now.


The chart above is was put together by Andrew over at If you’re thinking of getting a new Windows Phone 7 device, and don’t live in the US, this might help you make the right decision. I would imagine that Microsoft is working to fill out this table and make all the services available every where. But nothing stings more than buying something with a certain expectation only to find out different.

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