Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) Development Preview Kit Released

Yesterday, Google released the preview of the Android 3.0 software development kit, and as you would expect many people were quick to rip it apart and share what they found. AndroidCentral posted a really good article that covers a lot of the new features and functionality in the latest update from Google. Of course, the largest and most significant update is the addition of support for larger screen devices – like tablets.  They also managed to add some other features that I’m sure you’ll be excited about, like changes to the home screens, system bar, action bar, new keyboard, updates to copy and paste, improved graphics performance, multicore processor support, and enterprise support. Then there’s application updates to things like the browser, contacts, camera, and email. Check out all the details and screen captures over at AndroidCentral.


What has me wondering is where is the world is Microsoft? They shipped Windows Phone 7 at the start of November and promised an update early in 2011. Then at CES, Steve Ballmer promised it would be in the next few months. All we’ve seen and heard about Microsoft’s update is that it adds cut and paste and offers speed increases. I don’t see the buzz being generated over that update. In fact, I’m starting to see people getting upset with the slow pace that Microsoft is taking with the update. Windows Phone 7 was by no means a leap beyond the competition. It merely got Microsoft back in the game. They need to pump out the updates and features as well as drive that buzz. And right not that’s not happening. Google is walking all over Microsoft in the mobile space. Heck, Microsoft still doesn’t have a story to tell when it comes to tablets. Microsoft better wake up and smell the coffee soon, before it’s too late. If it’s not already.

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