VMware Going Mobile with Virtualization

Virtualization has exploded in the server and desktop market and now it’s set to explode in the mobile space as well. VMware has teamed up with LG to allow virtualization on your Android smartphones. The devices will run two separate and secure environments, one for business use and another for personal use. The mobile virtualization solution from VMware is expected to ship on select LG devices at some point in 2011.

I’ve often talked about how great it would be to have a true dual-boot environment on a mobile device, and VMware is setting the ground work for this to happen. The announcement doesn’t seem to indicate that it will be two separate operating systems at this point, just separate and secure accounts on the device. It sounds like they are going to provide some sort or application virtualization and as a result will allow separate accounts to be configured on the phone. Android is the only mobile operating system that offers full support for multitasking, which is clearly something that attracted VMware to developing virtualization for the platform.

The real question is, will Microsoft sit back and watch this happen? Or will they step up and offer their own virtualization technology on the recently released Windows Phone 7 platform? Check out the full press release on the VMware website and let us know your thoughts!

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