The All New Windows Phone Update Story

Until now, updating a Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device has been nothing short of stressful. If an update was to be offered by Microsoft, it was at the mercy of the manufacturer and the carrier if you would be able to apply it to your device. And if you made it through all those hoops, you faced a long process of configuration and reinstallation of any applications you had.

Jason Dunn had a chance to sit down with Andrew Brown – the Program Manager for Windows Phone Update, to talk about how updates will work under Windows Phone 7. I think you’re going to like what Andrew has to say. :) Check out Windows Phone Thoughts for all the details.


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  • MobileJaw

    The All New Windows Phone Update Story –

  • Michael

    Windows Phone 7 = FAIL

    Today I went to BestBuy and asked if they had any Windows Phone 7 devices available (they had a display) and the salesperson told me “don’t get one of those, they are terrible and we are having to refund almost all we have sold”.

    My Nokia finally died, so I got a Motorola Atrix and have already flashed it with an open ROM. I’ll burn in hell before I go with a closed platform that cannot even work on its own…

  • Gary B

    I have to agree. If Microsoft wanted to take over the market like they have done with other products in the past, they need to stick with open platforms. We already have a ton of closed platforms to choose from. Even if I may like the interface better.
    Remember your roots Microsoft!