Rogers is On Fire! Many New Phones Announced

Rogers is pulling out all the stops with great new devices coming out! In the last week they have announced that the following are either available or coming soon:

Apple iPhone 4 – Well, we all knew this was coming but for those that are fans, nice to see if it here. The iPhone 4 includes an all new sleeker design, very high resolution screen and a much more powerful processor.

Blackberry Torch 9800 – Just announced yesterday, the Torch is a large (huge!) Blackberry device with a slid-down qwerty and touch screen. For many this is going to be a very nice compromise allowing for a larger screen than most Blackberries (Blackberrys?) but still enjoying a nicely sized qwerty keyboard.

Curve 9300 – The Curve line of smartphones lives on with the 9300. There really isn’t a lot to write home about the 9300 other than to say it continues the line of very capable and reliable Blackberries at an affordable price point.

Motorola Flipout – Have you seen this cute little phone!? It is small and square, at least until you swing the screen around, much like the old Sidekick phones. It runs Android and uses Motorola’s Blur interface to stay in touch with friends. Very nice phone for the price for the younger smartphone user.

Galaxy S Captivate – The Juice!! The Samsung Galaxy S line of phones comes to Rogers as the Captivate, the same model as AT&T carries in the US. It’s a beautiful 4″ Super AMOLED display with a VERY thin profile, nice angles and a very fast and powerful processor. It’s a more expensive option, but with the included specs it’s worth it.

Nicely done Rogers! Keep bringing us Canadians lots of choice in phones and we will hug you!

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    Now, about those prices… RT @MobileJaw: Rogers is On Fire! Many New Phones Announced –

  • Dave Evans

    Less then 5 years ago that would have been a whole years worth of smartphone releases for the entire nation. Yes, the future IS friendly. 馃槈


  • Mike Temporale

    @Dave – that’s an excellent point. It’s pretty crazy to see how much things have changed in the last couple years. Now, if we can only address the 3 year contract crap and get the pricing a little better… Then the future will be friendly. 馃槈

  • Darren Humphries

    I don’t think we are going to see contracts go from 3 to 2 years anytime soon. Until the big three actually feel threatened by one of the new entrants they will keeps things just as they are. They won’t make a change just because we whine about it because they know we don’t really have great options…yet.

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    Rogers is On Fire! Many New Phones Announced –