Christmas Giveaway! Palm Pre 2 plus Accessories!


The good people at Palm (err…HP) have sent us a Palm Pre 2 to give to one of our readers, something we are more than happy to do! The winner will receive a brand new Palm Pre 2, a touchstone charger and a very nice leather case. Be sure to follow our Palm Pre 2 […]

First Impressions of the Samsung Focus from Rogers


I spent a lot time playing with the Focus when I got home from work last night, plus I’ve had some experience using it today. Here’s a few early observations (which are of course likely to change a little over time as I get used to the phone): Samsung Focus Hardware: I like the overall […]

Pocket-Lint Talks with Horace Luke, HTC’s Chief Innovation Officer


HTC’s Chief Innovations Officer, Horace Luke, talks with Pocket-Lint about his work at HTC and how the company goes about designing their products. It’s a very interesting article that will help shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes at HTC. Horace has a passion that drives him to think a little different […]

Canadians choose Windows Phone 7 over Android


This is actually a little surprising; not because of the merits of either platform, but just because Windows Phone 7 hasn’t even arrived in Canada yet and most people don’t even know about it. A poll conducted on behalf of shows Canadians will choose Windows Phone 7 over Android for their next smartphone purchase. […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to Verizon in a Bentley?


Samsung has decided to offer their fantastic tablet, the Galaxy Tab, at a price point that seems too high. Verizon today announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 11th for $599. “Verizon Wireless and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) today announced the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab™ will be available Nov. 11 […]

Sony Ericsson Confirms Efforts on Windows Phone 7 Device

Let’s jump on the way back machine for a second here…  Back in 2004 when I was writing on Smartphone Thoughts (now rolled into Windows Phone Thoughts), I made an April Fools post about how Sony Ericsson was working on a Windows Mobile device. That was back in 2004 and at the time, nobody really […]

Mobile Ramblings


Well, who woulda guessed? My video review of the Motorola Charm is currently over 9k views.  Youtube contacted me to ask if I wanted to share in ad revenue, to which I reluctantly agreed.  I mean, I’ll take their money if I have to but then I have to go to the bank and all […]

Microsoft Employees Celebrate the Release of Windows Phone 7


News broke late last week that Microsoft was celebrating the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) of Windows Phone 7 with a mock funeral parade for Apple and RIM. While some are apprehensive about this, even going as far to say that this will come back and bite Microsoft and it’s a PR nightmare. While the latter […]

Going Hands on with Windows Phone 7

The other night Darren Humphries and I headed out to meet-up with Microsoft Canada and see what some local Canadian developers are working on for the Windows Phone 7 launch coming later this year. Not only is it fun to get together with Darren and talk phones for hours on end, but it was a […]

Rant: Bell Sticking it to us with Roaming Charges?


Recently I went down to the US and took a couple phones with me; one on Bell the other on Telus. When I entered the US I got a friendly SMS from both carriers to let me know how much they charge for roaming. Here is the message from Telus: “Free TELUS msg. Welcome to […]