Fixing the “Something’s Gone Very Wrong” Error on Windows Phone App for Desktop


Let me start out by saying that I am a fan of the older Zune desktop application. I get that times change and this is the new way to sync, and that’s fine. But the Zune desktop software is simply a great app for managing your music collection. From building playlists to updating album art […]

What’s New in the Latest Update for Windows Phone 8


Got a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8? In case you haven’t already heard, there’s a new update coming your way some time in the coming weeks. According to Nokia, they expect it to be rolling out to everyone by the end of September. So if you don’t have it yet, you should soon. Once […]

How To: Boot Directly to the Desktop with Windows 8.1


Yesterday at Build, Microsoft’s developer conference, they released a public preview of Windows 8.1. With this update to Windows 8, you can now choose to boot Windows directly to the desktop, just like you did with Windows 7. While there’s a whole lot of other goodies in this release, this feature, along with the return […]

How To: Setup Internet Sharing on an Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920


I’ve had more than a few friends ask how to get Internet Sharing to work on their unlocked Nokia Lumia 920. For the record, this should work on other Lumia models like the 820, 620, and even 520. Although I don’t have those devices so I can’t confirm it. If you’ve purchased your Lumia 920 […]

Will the CRTC’s New Wireless Code Force Customers to Pay More for Devices?


With the CRTC making changes to the wireless code in Canada, more than a few carriers remarked that these changes could result in more expensive devices. They can no longer spread the price of the phone over 3 years, so they’re saying you will have to pay more up front to offset that lost year. […]

Microsoft’s Phone Storage vs Nokia’s Storage Check


Nokia has done a great job of adding custom applications to their Lumia line of Windows Phones. Sometimes the apps are developed by Nokia directly, and other times the apps are from third party vendors that have come to some agreement with Nokia so that their application shows in the “Nokia Collection” part of the Store. […]

How-To: Taking Screen Shots on the Surface Pro & RT


With regular old Windows, there are plenty of ways to do screen captures. From the simple Print Screen key for the whole screen, other key combinations for windows and applications in focus, or the use of any of the great 3rd party applications. But with the new Metro applications? If you’re running Windows 8/RT Metro […]

Nokia NFC Writer for Windows Phone Devices


Nokia has released a new tool to help everyone get the most out of the NFC built into their Lumia devices. For those that don’t know, NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and it’s a very short range wireless technology. Basically, you have to touch your device to the NFC tag for a connection to […]

How To Remove that Annoying “ENG” Key from your Windows Phone Keyboard


Here’s a handy tip for anyone that’s picked up a Windows Phone and finds themselves frustrated by the extra “ENG” key on the keyboard. For some, it might show a different 3 letter abbreviation. Basically, it’s you’re language button that allows you to easily switch between keyboards while typing. It sits on the bottom row […]

Bing’s Broken Lockscreen Image Update on Windows Phone 8


One of the cool new features with Windows Phone 8 is the ability to have live lockscreen images. This is where applications can define the image to be placed on your lockscreen. Lockscreen apps are popping up in the store on a daily basis. As well, the phone ships with a Bing engine that will […]