How To: Setup Internet Sharing on an Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920

I’ve had more than a few friends ask how to get Internet Sharing to work on their unlocked Nokia Lumia 920. For the record, this should work on other Lumia models like the 820, 620, and even 520. Although I don’t have those devices so I can’t confirm it.

If you’ve purchased your Lumia 920 outright from a carrier like Rogers or AT&T, but you don’t actually use that carrier for your cellular service, then you’re going to notice that there are some issues in getting Internet Sharing to function correctly. Don’t worry, there is a way to get this working and it’s surprisingly easy to do – once you know the steps.

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If you haven’t done so already, you will need to get your phone SIM unlocked. If you’re not sure if the phone is SIM unlocked, then easiest way to tell is to insert a SIM card from another carrier and then reboot the phone. If the phone is SIM locked, you will see an error on startup that the SIM inserted is not valid. If the phone doesn’t give you an error and connects to the cellular network, then it’s SIM unlocked. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started with how to get Internet Sharing to work.

The first thing you need to do is open the Store and download “access point”. This is a Nokia app. Don’t worry if you can’t find it, just open the following link on your phone:聽or聽simply scan this QR Code using Bing Search on your phone:


Note: Once access point has installed, you won’t find it in the list of installed applications. Access point installs into the settings menu. But don’t go and launch it just yet!

The next thing you need to do is open Settings / Cellular and remove any APN or MMS settings that you have set. This is a place where people run into problems – clear out any data settings listed on cellular and then restart the phone. Once again, clear these settings out. (Have I stressed that enough?)

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Once you’ve removed the existing cellular settings and restarted the phone, launch the access point app found under Settings \ Access Point. You should now be looking at a list of cellular providers associated with your SIM. So, if you’re on Bell, you will see Bell and Virgin. If you’re on Rogers, you would see Rogers, Fido, and maybe Chattr. Tap on the cellular provider that you’re using. The access point app will then automatically configure all the required settings on your phone to take advantage of your carriers network. You should see the “inactive” label under the carrier name switch to “active”.

Before you do anything else, restart your phone. This will ensure that the cellular settings take effect. Once the phone starts up, you should be on the cellular network and using data. Test this out by opening up a site in IE and making sure it loads without problems. Once you have confirmed that data is working, jump over to Settings \ Internet Sharing and enable internet sharing. If you’ve followed the steps correctly, you should be good to start sharing!



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  • Pankaj

    Thanks for the easy instructions. Worked well the first time… I was about to toss my perfectly good Lumia 920 in absence of this info…

  • Hart

    Fantastic. I had no luck getting the sharing working using other suggested methods but this worked first try. A big thank you for the app/setting.

  • heckle

    Thanks it really work and help me alot I must say. Works like a charm once you follow the instructions correctly.

  • Pardhu

    Thanks for your instructions, it’s working on my mobile

  • DarrenHumphries

    BINGO! I couldn’t figure out the MMS settings for Bell for the Nokia 520 I just got and this nugget of MobileJaw wisdom fixed that up! Actually, a co-worker bought the Nokia 520 on my recommendation and actually called Bell support a few times to get MMS working and they couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for the help, Mike! :)

    • Mike Temporale

      Great device! and some good advice from you 馃槈
      No surprise with the lack of support from Bell, or any other carrier for that matter. They don’t really care when it’s a phone from outside their network. Access Point is a savior!

  • Russ

    I’m using an unlocked nokia 920 on tmobile. Will this work for the tmobile network?

  • tango

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been trying everything to make tethering work on my Nokia 920 and your post finally did!!!!

  • Mark

    Wow..I have tried everything, but finally saw that I didn’t fully trash the apn settings in settings / cellular. I’m so glad after reading your post I checked again. Works like a charm now on Bell. Thank you!!!

  • Philmazz

    Update here for anyone with the Nokia Lumia Icon. The above advice given for the Nokia 920 works just as well with Nokias newest windows phone. I was not having any success until I downloaded the access point app as suggested and now everthing is up and running well.
    Nokia Lumia Icon, Win 8.0 phone running on ATT sim, on Straight Talk.

  • peris urasa

    At first I could use my internet sharing. However of late after travelling to another country when I came back home when I try to share my internet it reads internet sharing isn’t currently available. What should I do

  • sam

    I basically researched and tested..
    They unlock any phone & it’s support team is too good..
    Go to this link and place the order:

  • RZ

    This worked great last week – then Nokia did a big update and it doesn’t work anymore. Any ideas?

    • john

      Well, I’m using mine on Straight Talk from WalMart, and cannot get the AT&T to disappear from APN….but phone seems to work fine both SMS and MMS…and on Cellular setting HOME (Straight Talk) is grayed out, after update I could use as hotspot one time…then nothing, I guess my phone is not completely unlocked?

  • Lumia521

    I downloaded it, but when I look in settings:cellular there is nothing about APN or MMS. Do these acronyms stand for something that might be worded differently on my Lumia 521? Or is there a different section under Settings where I might find these? Thank you.

    • Lumia521

      under cellular, it does not provide me the button to set up APN or MMS as I’ve seen on other people’s Nokia’s. This suggests to me that maybe the phone wasn’t completely unlocked? Any ideas please? Thank you.

  • Maija

    worked fine until I entered access point and my network (MTN Rwanda) or any network for that matter is not showing. There is a spot for manual adding but I don’t know what to put there. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

  • lucas mason

    Will I still have LTE?