Microsoft’s Phone Storage vs Nokia’s Storage Check

Nokia has done a great job of adding custom applications to their Lumia line of Windows Phones. Sometimes the apps are developed by Nokia directly, and other times the apps are from third party vendors that have come to some agreement with Nokia so that their application shows in the “Nokia Collection” part of the Store.

After the latest OS update that came down a few weeks ago, there’s a new item called “Storage Check” under settings. As well, you will find the older “Phone Storage” item. Both apps let you see where the space on your device is being used. This can be extremely helpful with lower capacity devices, or for people that like to store a lot on their phones and have run low on available space.

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With Phone Storage, Microsoft’s app you get a clear indication of total usage, and you can set where Windows Phone should store and new Music and Video’s, and of course Pictures. When you tap on the line showing total usage, a new screen will pop up that breaks down the files based on 6 categories – music + videos, pictures, apps, other, system, and free space. This clearly shows that the majority of my storage is used by music and videos. But it doesn’t help me figure out what apps are taking up the most space.

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Storage Check from Nokia starts by showing you all the same information that Phone Storage does, except it doesn’t give you the ability to select where new music, videos, and pictures should be stored. Right from the start, you’re looking at a much nicer design that better illustrates what category is using the most amount of data. But if you wanted to know more about what is using that space, simply swipe over to details and you get a better breakdown along with the option to clear temporary files from your device. A quick tap on the details button under Apps, and you get a full breakdown of every app including the ability to see how much space it used for the physical app versus the apps data. I have a few apps that are more than a little large. Thankfully, Storage Check lets me know and I can remove them if space became a concern.


Storage Check is a great example of the extras that Nokia is bringing to Windows Phone. It provides a significantly deeper look into the overall storage usage on your device. The two apps that have similar functionality, but until Phone Storage shows app specific data, or Storage Check allows you to set the location for where new content should be store, both will be required.


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    I don’t get why Microsoft isn’t leveraging the power of Nokia into the Windows Phone code, it would save them A LOT of time and resources integrating them directly rather than developing them from the ground up (as they so idiotically like to brag about, kind of like Cadillac now (–_–) ), so far Storage Check has been more reliable to me than Phone Storage, especially if you pitch a low-end Nokia Lumia device against a Samsung, H.T.C. or Huawei which only have Microsoft’s Phone Storage it’s sad to see what a Non-Nokian Windows Phone truly is…