How-To: Taking Screen Shots on the Surface Pro & RT

With regular old Windows, there are plenty of ways to do screen captures. From the simple Print Screen key for the whole screen, other key combinations for windows and applications in focus, or the use of any of the great 3rd party applications. But with the new Metro applications? If you’re running Windows 8/RT Metro styled app, how can you do a screen capture? Typically with mobile devices there is some sort of key combo that allows this to happen, and the Surface is no exception.


If you have a Surface Pro, or Surface RT, this method will allow you to capture the entire screen regardless if it’s a Metro-styled app, or a regular desktop app. Simply press the Windows 8 button on the bottom center of the screen and hold this. Then press and release the volume down button. You will notice the screen get a little darker for a second and then return to normal. This means the capture has completed. Tap over to Photo’s, then Pictures Library and then you should see a new group called Screenshots. This is where you’re screen shot was saved. Don’t forget that you can easily share the picture from the Charms bar. Just swipe in from the right, tap on Share and you’re on your way.


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  • Keith Smith

    Thanks. Still learning my way around this new tablet and this is a handy tip.

  • TGolfer11

    Great tip! I was lost until this article.