How To: Screen Captures on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Every wish you could share your latest high-score with your friends? Or perhaps an app isn’t displaying correctly on your device and you want to show the developer exactly what you’re seeing? Of course, there’s always the desire to share a good auto-correct moment with others. Whatever your reason may be, you’ll need to know how to do screen captures on your device in order to share them with others.

The Galaxy S3 from Samsung take a new and refreshing approach to this. In the past, many devices and OEMs have required a button combination like pressing power and home at the same time. If you have the Galaxy S3, you have the easiest way of any phone that I’ve every used. Simply swipe from left to right, or right to left across the screen with the side of your hand and the device will automatically capture the screen and save it to a file in your photo gallery.


The only catch, is that you’ll need to enable this feature – for some reason it is disabled by default. To enable it, tap Settings / Motion and then tap the check box beside “Palm swipe to capture”. While you’re here, check out some of the other cool options under Motion like turning over the phone to mute incoming calls, or the ability to mute / pause media by placing your hand over the screen. Enjoy :)

UPDATE: Small update to this – the above method works, but so does the more traditional Home + Power button combination. So you have some choice in how you do screen captures on the Galaxy S3. Further, it appears that this feature was first released on the Galaxy Note. Not sure how I missed that setting. Thanks to Philip Berne for the tips!

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