Fun with Smiley’s and the Windows Phone Messaging Live Tile

One of the great things about Live Tiles on Windows Phone is that they can be updated to reflect information about the application. Tiles for FourSquare updates to show your point totals, Twitter apps update to show how many replies and direct messages you have, and even email tiles update to show how many unread messages you have received. But have you ever paid attention to the messaging live tile?

It updates to show how many text messages you have received, as one would expect, but it also does a little more than just show the number. When there are no new text messages, the face is a standard smiley.聽 :-)聽 But get your first new text and it changes to a winky smiley.聽 馃槈聽 Let the number of messages rise to 4 unread or more, and now you have a new surprise smiley. 馃槷

Yes, it’s not a huge feature, but it’s a cute little extra that makes it fun to look at every day. I wonder if the smiley changes at some point after the 馃槷 I’ve had up to 12 messages unread and didn’t see any difference. I would be cool if it turned into a frown :-( or something at 50.

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  • Suresh_Babu

    Smileys like these can be entertaining with having unread messages. Hoping for different smiley each time will definitely raise on the curiosity levels! At the end, smileys are an integral part of any digital communication. With few amendments in the daily smiley world, I would say “keep it coming”.

    • steve

      oh man, wtf are you talking about. ‘curiosity level’…

  • Jiminycroquet

    When a message fails to send, it changes to the frowning :( smiley until you go back into your messages.

    • Mike Temporale

      Oh, cool! I haven’t noticed that one. I’ll have to rig up a failed SMS and capture that too. Thanks!

      • steve

        WHERE IS IT

  • Brody Knight

    Got to 54 messages and nothing changed :”(