• http://facebook.com/windowscanada Windows Canada

    Sorry to hear about this, Mike. If you are able to access wifi, you can sync everything back to your device. Also, http://windowsphone.live.com will have all of your pictures and videos if you asked for them to be uploaded to SkyDrive.

    We’re looking into your Windows Live account lock-out and escalating the problem. Will keep you posted!

    Windows Canada


    • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

      Thanks for the suggestions – but my internet access was limited while I was away, so I didn’t have the ability to connect my accounts and pull down all the details. :(

    • http://www.hfrmobile.com Harald-René Flasch

      Uuuups … an unwanted hard-reset should never occur …

      I also don’t think that “We’re looking into your Windows Live account lock-out and escalating the problem. Will keep you posted!” will be helpful …

      Also don’t forget about “local” data (music, …) on the phone and the effort to re-install and configure all apps again …

      Hope that an unwanted hard-reset will never occur for me!

      Just a thought: Maybe the “Find my phone” feature (https://www.windowsphone.com) has erased his phone since he traveled to another country? If this is the case it would be very stupid bug in WP7 / Live stuff …

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  • Brian

    This same thing happened to me – I also have a Samsung Focus – and I simply powered down the device and powered it back up again and all was well. No problem at all. Give that a shot. I’m also using an expandable 32 gb sd card.

    • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

      Thanks Brian – this is exactly what the problem turned out to be. A simple reboot and everything was back, for a short while. The problem happened at least 6-8 times during my trip. Which resulted in a very unreliable device. I couldn’t count on it to wake me in the morning, or to be ready to play music / videos during my commute. For the most part, the problem stayed clear of any critical time and the device managed to get through the week.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/DarrenHumphries Darren Humphries

    Oh, ouch!! That really sucks.

  • http://www.pharfruminsain.com Peter Temporale

    An accidental hard reset is a serious flaw. I sense an Android in your future.

  • heliod

    This is a big problem!

    But wasn’t the phone supposed to save music and pictures at some kind of storage that is not volatile with hard resets?

    Additionally, have you tried the Power Down and back Up that Brian suggests? If it saved him it might as well save you…..

    Anyway, if this is happening with many people, Microsoft ought to be looking at this urgently. Numerous reports of this problem is something that can kill the image of the whole platform, not only a single device….

    • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

      Hi Helio – hope all is well

      I don’t recall reading anything about storing your details in a non-volatile memory. Just like the iPhone, and many Windows Phone before, a hard reset will clear everything from the device.

      Thankfully, it wasn’t truly gone – although, if you didn’t know about rebooting the device, it very well may be.

      • heliod

        That sucks!

        I remember the old days of the i-mates with their random hard-resets…… when I was in business trips I used to backup the device every night and carry the card in my wallet to wherever I go.

        I hope this thing is handled neatly and quickly by MS, since it may stain the platform image and damage its chances of success.

        And hope it doesn’t happen to you anymore.

        Besides that, everything is fine, missing the MVP Summits :-)

      • Jamilah Johnson

        This JUST happened to me!!! I googled this blog and I am FREAKING OUT! My phone was in my pocket and I reached in to make a random phone call and my phone was being
        re configured! WHAT THE HELL!!!?????
        Is there ANY way to get this fixed?! I have SO much of my child’s last 2 years on video on that phone!!!
        :( I used to LOVE my Windows Phone, now I hate it! On top of that, I’ve been on hoold for 30 minutes to figure this crap out.
        Jamilah Johnson

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