How to Hard Reset the iPAQ Glisten

MobileJaw-iPaqGlisten-HardResetThe iPAQ Glisten is HP’s latest Smartphone device. It’s powered by Windows Phone 6.5 and features a front facing keyboard and styling that resembles RIM’s BlackBerry devices.

If you’ve just picked up this device off ebay, or perhaps you’re getting ready to sell it on ebay, or worse – it just freezes and you can’t do anything, you’ll need to hard reset the device. The hard reset process returns the device to factory settings. That means the all your settings and configurations along with applications installed will be removed and the device will return to the state when you first pulled it out of the box.

There are 2 ways to perform a hard reset. The first, and easiest way is by using the menu’s on the device. Of course, for this to work, the device will need to be bootable. From the home screen, press Start / Settings / System / Factory Restore. You will then be prompted to select what should be cleared – the device, or the device and the storage card. Select the option you want to wipe and enter the confirmation code in the box at the bottom of the screen. After clicking Yes, the device will restart and once it’s up and running again, you will have a brand new device.

If your device won’t start up or hangs on the boot process, you can still hard reset the device. Just like using the software menu, this will wipe all your data off the device. Although, using the hardware method does not clear the storage card. To hard reset a device that won’t start up is pretty simple. With the device turned off, press both of the Call and End keys on the front of the device. While holding those buttons down, press the power button. Just after the HP logo displays on the screen, you will see text at the top of the screen that says “Clean Boot”. That means your device is in the process of starting fresh. Once it’s done, you’re device will be like new. :)

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