Question: If Palm Brings the Heat…

Palm is in a fight for its life. Not only is Palm not making profit but it can’t find a buyer (yet?). Palm’s CEO Jon Rubinstein thinks they can still go it alone, which they may have to do with a valuation still topping $1 billion (for some strange reason). We’ll have to see how things go.

As for “going it alone”, Rubinstein has said that new devices are coming and that Palm is willing to license out it’s WebOS. I can’t see that Palm has the financial resources to bring out a number of new compelling devices, but maybe they’ll have a garage sale or a muffin bake. The licensing is a good idea (deja vu) but I wonder if manufacturers would trust the company enough to start designing new devices.

I actually have two questions for you guys:

1. Would you buy a new Palm-made device if it had all the muscle, screen size and memory we are used to seeing with new cutting-edge smartphones?

2. Would you buy a WebOS device made by a company like HTC, LG, Lenovo (ding), Dell or anyone else?

Perhaps the problem with Palm’s dismal sales has been that people aren’t buying into the WebOS story, or perhaps its just that the Pre and Pixi are not the right hardware designs. Sound off by answering the questions above and add any comments to shed light on Palm’s problems.

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    Alright, I’ve been thinking about these Q’s, and here’s what I came up with:

    1) Yeah, if they could make something as powerful and as solid as today’s feature phones, I would consider buying one. However, I found the Pre to be on the cheap side when it comes to feel. So they have a long way to go to get where it matters IMHO.

    2) This is harder to say. I played with WebOS a while back and found it very slow when launching new applications. Things that were already running seemed to respond pretty well, but new just took forever. Not sure if that’s changed or if that’s a result of the hardware. Either way, it would have to be a killer device before I would consider buying it based on the OS alone.