How to Turn off HTC’s Sense on the HD2

This may seem like a pretty straight forward tip to some, while others will find it extremely valuable. For me, I was playing with HTC’s Hero device running Android prior to picking up the HTC HD2. On the Hero, the Sense interface can not be disabled. So the thought never crossed my mind when I started using the HD2. Your home screen style can be yours to decide.


From the Start menu, tap on Settings. HTC does a nice job of simplifying the settings screens with Sense on Windows Phones and we need to change a setting that is not exposed in their interface.  Tap on Menu and then select All Settings from the menu that appears. When the settings menu opens, tap on Today and then at the bottom of the screen tap on the Items tab. By default the HD2 is going to load HTC Sense for the today screen plugin. Just tap on Windows Default at the top of the list and then OK to save the changes. That’s it, that’s all.  Now you can enjoy using Microsoft’s default Today screen for Windows Mobile 6.5.

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  • Paul Nelson

    You can disable the HTC Sense interface on the Hero, you need to go in to the Application settings and end the process. Then when you press the home button it asks if you want to load the standard Android interface. Not that you’d want to as you may as well just get a standard Android phone.

  • Mike Temporale

    @Paul Nelson – great tip, thanks! I do agree, there’s not much reason to on Android. HTC does a much better job with sense on Android.

  • MikeTemporale

    @johnobeto turn off sense; here's your answer –

  • mikej

    Do i just reverse this procedure to turn sence back on again????

  • Paul Nelson

    @mikej to reverse it follow the same processors but this time end the Launcher application and press the home button. It will then ask youths same question about which home screen you want to use.

  • Simon Mills

    Many thanks Mike – I’ve just upgraded from a 5 year old XDA IIi (Pocket PC 2003) PDA to an HTC HD2 and I was just about to give up on it and revert to my old PDA. I’ll persevere with the HD2 for a while longer now. Only the big line spacing to sort out now.