CES: HP’s Android Technology Demo

HP does have much of a presence at CES this year, but they are at ShowStoppers and Digital Experience. One of the things that they were showing off is a “Technology Demo” of Google’s Android OS running on an ultra slim netbook style device.  HP wouldn’t say much about what’s under the hood on this marvel, other than a SnapDragon processor running at an unknown speed and some sort of solid state memory for the limited storage it offers.


Sorry about the rough picture. :(

The general idea here is to provide a mobile device for people that work in the cloud. It offers instant on and quickly suspends when you close the lid, in order to ensure the best life out of the battery.

When asked if this device could possibly make it to production this year, HP simply restated that this is a technology demo only and they can’t talk about possible future products or roadmaps.

I have to admit that I was very impressed by this unit. I wasn’t too sure about the Android laptop rumors that have floated around in the past, but after seeing HPs technology demo, I’m sold and looking forward to the possibilities that this will bring with it.

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  • Dave Evans

    If this could dual boot with Windows that would be very cool.

    BTW Mike, did you happen to spy HP’s new touchscreen netbook?


  • http://www.screensleuth.com Screen Sleuth

    I’m not sure Android has evolved to a point where its ready to be an everyday OS, but it may make an interesting alternative down the road when its matured a bit more and has more support.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Dave – Dual booting Windows 7 would be cool, but I think that changes the hardware too much and could make it larger and run hotter than it does now. Perhaps dual boot with Windows Mobile! :)